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SIEM / SOC Services

Detect, Prevent & Resolve Cyber Attacks

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SIEM solutions can aggregate cyber attack data from across your entire network, and analyse this data together to limit false positives.

A Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), and Security Operations Centre (SOC) is used to detect, prevent, and resolve all cyber attacks while centralising all the security events from every device within a network.

Need an affordable and effective service to monitor large volumes of alerts and remediate ICT breaches? Managed Security's Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) solution is an affordable, enterprise-grade tool that outperforms dedicated security teams, reducing the risk and impact of breaches.

Managed Security is the only local Fortinet partner trained and skilled in implementing FortiSIEM®

Depth of Knowledge

Managed Group has been a Fortinet partner for over 7 years and have the depth of product knowledge and skill needed to properly specify, configure, implement, and maintain Fortinet solutions.

On-Going Support

Receive a full team that manages and monitors the entire system so that you don’t miss a thing! That’s what FortiSIEM-as-a-Service can offer you.

Protect Your Data

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