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Cyber Attacks Happen Anywhere, Anytime

Over 4,000 cyber attacks occur daily. 

In recent years hackers have learned the value of information, with recent attacks trending towards holding sensitive information for ransom as opposed to just destructive mischief.

These sophisticated hacks encrypt your data and force you to wade through a myriad of complex procedures so you can pay a ransom to unlock it, sometimes with no success and with very little recourse from the authorities.

These attacks are wide-ranging, global and do not discriminate between governments or companies. These attacks not only just demand money to retrieve information, but will also threaten to leak it online. Paying a ransom can be costly, but the cost to your organisation can be much higher as a result of lost IP, productivity and reputation.

Stop Email-Based Cyber Attacks

The future of email security goes beyond email

Email is a critical tool for everyday business communication and productivity. It’s also a popular attack vector among threat actors trying to steal credentials, hold sensitive data for ransom, or steal funds by gaining access to banking information. 

With validated, best-in-class performance, Fortinet's email security solution, FortiMail, delivers advanced, multi-layered protection against the full spectrum of email-borne threats.

FortiMail Delivers Comprehensive, Top-Rated Threat Protection

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