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Stop Email Based
Cyber Attacks NOW

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Advanced, multi-layer protection against the full spectrum
of email-borne threats

During FY21, Australian Cyber Security Centre received
over 67,500 cybercrime reports.

That's an increase of nearly 13 per cent from the previous year!

Importantly, the proportion categorised by the ACSC as ‘substantial’ in impact is increasing and the traditional IT security systems and practices used by many local government entities fall short of OAG benchmarks. We understand the needs to meet the OAG requirements and that 90% of cyber attacks come from email. Using our multilayered approach that integrates with any email system and is implemented by our Managed Security experts we can help you meet al requirements and solve and cyber security issues. 

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FortiMail Secure Email Gateway

FortiMail is a powerful Secure Email Gateway solution that provides multi-layered security against the full spectrum of email-based threats.

Advanced multi-layer security against:

  • Known threats
  • Suspected threats
  • Unknown threats/Zero-days
  • Impersonation attempts
  • Business Email Compromise

How safe is my organisation from these kind of attacks?

  1. Do you have an email filtering solution today?
  2. Does your system provide Sandboxing as recommended by ASD?
  3. Does your system have impersonation protection* to protect your most vulnerable staff from phishing and/or social engineering?

* Note: Impersonation protection is a specific requirement of the OAG for local government entities.

Evolving Threats Require Evolving Protection

Our Email Security Solution is intelligent enough to identify threats not by just their signature but by their behaviour. This is also paired with an isolated environment for observing suspicious attachments, and a global threat intelligence and research organization providing up-to-date threat findings.

Multi-layer Security Attributes Include:

Advanced Threat

Multi-layered anti-spam and anti-malware solution

Global Threat
and Response

Real-time up-to-date worldwide shared threat signature database


Detects aero-day malware and analyses them on a secure runtime environment. Sharing acquired intelligence for threat protection database

Inbound and

Prevents the organisation to receive and send out malicious emails

Virus Outbreak

Complement antivirus signature updates gap with sandbox technology

Data Sanitation

Processes incoming files, deconstruct, remove element not matching firewall policies

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